Diving Services

We employ a team of experienced divers, many of whom are certified at the instructor level. Our divers have backgrounds in salvage, commercial diving, marine construction and military.

Our company is capable of recovering losses in depths up to 200', in any water condition. Whether it is tropical with 100' of visibility or zero visibility with ice, Marine Services’ has the experience necessary to safely complete even the most difficult diving and rigging projects.

Some of our diving services include, but are not limited to:

Marine salvage, Search & Recoveryy, rigging, underwater video, insurance investigations, prop disentanglement, shaft tube inspection (large commercial ships), propeller removal/installment, zinc anode replacement, hull cleanings, dock/pier damage assessments, dock/pier floatation installment and mooring work.

Dive work on Cruise Ship Maasdam at Black Falcon Terminal, Boston

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